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New Video playing daily in Cinema Room

We are pleased to announce that Maramedia Limited have allowed the centre to play Highlands Scotland`s Wild Heart. This is a 4 part documentary shown on the BBC.

In the North of Scotland, far from the bustling cities and gentle hills of the South, lies Europe’s greatest wilderness – the Highlands of Scotland.

Scoured by Ice and weathered by storms, it may look bleak and lifeless, but wildlife is thriving in this unforgiving place. If you know where to look!

In this stunning four part series, narrated by Ewan McGregor, we meet ospreys, red squirrels, otters, dolphin and golden eagles – all struggling to turn adversity to their advantage and make a success of living in Scotland’s Wild Heart.

 The Video plays for 4 hours so wrap up warm if you want to watch it all. We aim to start it at 11am each day. Come and go as you please and we hope you enjoy this great production.

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